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Unearth a looming threat. Forge a ferocious companion.
Survive hazardous vaults.
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Face the Threat
of Elemental Destruction

Unearth a new threat looming deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan, wherea tool devised for good has been overtaken for demonic evils. Prepare to battle the elements as you maneuver through deadly Hazards, take on vicious Constructs, and master Sanctuary’s newest challenges.With the help of a new companion at your side, you just might make it out alive.

Season Features

Discover the latest updates in Diablo IV’s Season of the Construct.
New Questline
Recover an Alchemical Apparatus
A secret threat is revealed deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan where the Loom, once intended for good, has been overtaken by the demon, Malphas, to unleash unspeakable evil. Rescue Ayuzhan, and with his help, find a way to take back the Loom from the demon’s grip before it’s too late.
New Seasonal Companion 
Arm your Seneschal Construct 
Bring to life your very own Construct. Customize its abilities with combinations of the 12 Governing and 27 Tuning Stones to best aid you in combat throughout the Season. In Arcane Tremors, you can defeat Constructs & Demons to earn parts for upgrading your Companion.
New Seasonal Dungeons
Survive Vicious Vaults 
Explore elemental Vaults, each filled with ferocious Constructs and chaotic Hazards, offering powerful rewards for customizing your Seasonal Companion to those who survive. Plus, boost your Vault runs from earnings in Arcane Tremors, and prepare to face even greater threats in Nightmare Vaults beginning on World Tier 3.
New Boss Battle
Malphas, Keeper of the Vaults
Face this elemental powerhouse head-on in the first stationary boss battle, fighting both Malphas and the arena he controls as he works to defend his control of the Loom.

Compete in The
Gauntlet Coming
March 5th PT

Prove your might in the Gauntlet, a new weekly challenge dungeon, to improve your rank and fight for a top spot on the Leaderboards. Only the Top 1,000 mightiest Wanderers of each playstyle--including Solo Class, Party, Normal, and Hardcore--will make their mark on the weekly Leaderboards, and only the Top 10 can claim a permanent home in the Hall of the Ancients.

Updated Gameplay Experience

Experience the new quality of life updates coming to Diablo IV this Season, driven by community feedback.

Persistent Helltide
Hell Grows More Aggressive - Battle the Hellspawn more often with Helltides rising every hour on the hour, giving you more opportunities to turn in cinders for a chance at exceptional loot.
Experience New Power

New Uniques and Legendary Aspects  - Explore fresh builds that utilize the latest brutal powers, with 6 new Unique items and 7 new Legendary Aspects waiting to be unleashed.

Endgame Boss Update

More Glacial Fissure Sigil Materials  - Discover more opportunities to earn crafting materials that forge the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Dungeon, allowing you to face the endgame boss, Beast in Ice.

Skill Tree Respec Mode
Explore new builds more easily - Skill Tree Respec Mode allows you to edit and preview your Skill Tree without needing to spend any resources until you confirm the final layout you want to equip.

Earn Free Rewards*

Season Journey & Free Battle Pass

Complete chapters of the Season Journey and tiers of the free battle pass to earn rewards, including new Legendary Aspects, a mount bundle, and 3 Scrolls of Amnesia which provide a free Skill Tree and Paragon Board reset. Plus, earn favor toward the Battle Pass along the way. Available across all Seasonal Realm characters.
Season Blessings
Use the Smoldering Ashes you earn in the Battle Pass to upgrade all your seasonal characters with increased XP gains, longer shrine buff durations, and more.
Seasonal Title 
Show you’ve defied every trap and twisted construct with the new "Vault Keeper" title.
Clothing & Weapon Transmogs
Collect a weapon transmog for each of Diablo’s five classes and artificer’s clothing that’s designed to be mixed and matched with other armor sets to create a unique look for your character.
Mount Trophy
Unearth a mystery of the old mage clans with this new seasonal Mount Trophy.

Get More With Premium

Premium Battle Pass

Earn your way through 90 tiers and unlock premium rewards like Awoken Armor Sets, Mounts & Mount Armor, Platinum, Town Portal skins and much more.
Adamant Armor Set
Clad yourself in Adamant Armor, spun from the mind of Zoltun Kulle.
Clockwork Equid Mount
Expand your stable with 2 versions of the new Clockwork Equid mount.
Spheral Barding Mount Armor
Armor your steed like an arcane construct with the Spheral Barding Mount Armor.
Weapon skins, Town Portal skins, Emotes, Platinum, and more
Explore a range of cosmetics to earn along the Premium Battle Pass. Collect 26 new weapon transmogs. Adorn your horse with 6 new arcane mount trophies. Crush pesky constructs or shame the dead with emotes for each class. Claim 2 new headstones, 3 new emblems, and make an entrance in town with 3 new Town Portals straight from the scrolls of Zoltun Kulle.
Accelerated Battle Pass
Step into the rings of the Loom and spin the elements of the cosmos. Get the Accelerated Battle Pass for all the Reward Tiers of the Premium Battle Pass, plus the "The Spinning Loom" emote and 20 Tier Skips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Season content? Do I need a Battle Pass to play?

Once the Season starts, log onto the game, create a new Seasonal character, and enjoy! If you have not completed the Prologue yet, you will need to complete it on one character to gain access to seasonal content. The Free Battle Pass is automatically available to all Seasonal characters. Get the Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass to earn additional rewards.

What happens to my character/progression after the Season ends?

The character and progress on that character is transferred to the Eternal Realm. You can play this character whenever you want in the Eternal Realm. Specific Season-only features will no longer be accessible in the Eternal Realm. Learn more at

How can I progress through the Battle Pass? What is Favor?

You progress through the Battle Pass by earning Favor. You earn Favor by just playing the game (ex. Killing monsters, completing Campaign and Side Quests, or completing objectives in your Season Journey). You can also progress through the Battle Pass by buying Tier Skips which each cost 200 Platinum.

What are Smoldering Ashes?

Smoldering Ashes is a currency used in the Battle Pass to earn specific bonuses known as “Season Blessings” for the current Season. Players earn Smoldering Ashes by progressing the Battle Pass. By collecting Smoldering Ashes you can apply bonuses to your Seasonal characters. These bonuses last for the Season and only apply to Seasonal characters.

What are Tier Skips?

Tier Skips are a currency that are applied immediately to obtain 1 full tier in the Battle Pass.

I pre-purchased the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition which came with a Battle Pass. How do I redeem it?

If you’ve pre-purchased a Battle Pass, the purchase button in the Seasons section will be replaced by an option to activate either your Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass.

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