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Become a Vampire. Face new enemies. Wield new weapons. Earn rewards. 
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A Dire Threat Emerges

An army of vampires are terrorizing Sanctuary, gathering the blood of innocents for their dark master. Only you can wield the enemy’s blood magic against them, infusing your own armor and gaining enough power to put a stop to their sinister plans.

Season Features

Discover the latest updates in Diablo IV’s Season of Blood.
New Questline
Join the Vampire Hunters
Sanctuary has been overrun, invaded by an army of vampires and their loyal followers gathering blood for a terrible ritual. But what will they do with the blood they’ve drained from the people of Sanctuary? Partner with Erys, a Vampire Hunter, to uncover and put an end to the Vampire Lord’s dark plot before all is lost.
New Power
Wield Vampiric Power
Defeat these Elite Vampires to harness their Vampiric Powers for your own devices. With 3 unique Pacts to customize your armor through crafting, the power of blood magic is yours to shape.
New Seasonal World Event
Hunt the Enemy During the Blood Harvest
Join the fight in the Blood Harvest to earn seasonal progress and reputation. Take on the vampire hordes in 2 new local events and 7 new dungeon events.
New Gear
Customize Your Play Style
Imbue your gear with blood magic, discovering the combinations that activate new Vampiric Powers you’ll use to defeat the Bloodseekers.

Face 5 New End Game Bosses

Your enemies have returned, stronger than ever before. Defeat 5 new end game bosses, including familiar faces and unseen villains. Vanquish your foes to farm unique and uber unique items.

Updates to the Eternal Realm

Enjoy improvements to renown, status effects, gem storage, and stash navigation with new quality of life updates driven by community feedback.
Maintain Your Renown Between Characters and Seasons
Renown Rewards
Carry over Renown Rewards completed on Eternal and Seasonal characters, including: potion charges, skill points, obol cap upgrades, and paragon points.
Strike Harder, Resist More
Updates to Elemental Resistance and Status Effects
Dominate your enemies and resist their attacks with updates to Elemental Resistance Systems and status effects including: Vulnerable, Overpower, and Critical Strike.
Free Up Your Inventory Space
Update to Gem Storage
Store gems more efficiently without filling up your inventory. Gems will now appear as materials instead of taking up inventory slots.
Navigate Your Stash
Updates to Stash Functionality
Search and filter your stash to find stored items and materials more quickly.

Earn Free Rewards*

Season Journey & Free Battle Pass

Complete chapters of the Season Journey and tiers of the free battle pass to earn rewards, including new Legendary aspects, a mount bundle, and 3 Scrolls of Amnesia which provide a free Skill Tree and Paragon Board reset. Plus, earn favor toward the Battle Pass along the way. Available across all Seasonal Realm characters. 
Season Blessing
Use the Smoldering Ashes you earn in the Battle Pass to upgrade all your seasonal characters with increased XP gains, better chances for rare materials when salvaging items, and more.
Seasonal Title
Show the enemy your bite is worse than your bark with the new “Shadow Vampire” title.
Clothing & Weapon Transmogs
Collect a weapon transmog for each of Diablo’s five classes and Artisan’s clothing that’s designed to be mixed and matched with other armor sets to create a unique look for your character. 
Mount Trophy
Show you did your part in the battle to stave off the vampiric hordes with this new seasonal mount trophy. 

Get More With Premium

Premium Battle Pass

Earn your way through 90 tiers and unlock premium rewards like Awoken Armor Sets, Mounts & Mount Armor, Platinum, Town Portal skins and much more.
Marrow Armor Set
Don the ancient enemy's armor and tear the wings from their backs.
Famished Thoroughbred Mount
Expand your stable with 2 versions of the new Famished Thoroughbred mount.
Marrow Plating Mount Armor
With the Vampiric Power at your hands, adorn your steed to match.
Weapon skins, Town Portal skins, Emotes, Platinum, and more
Explore a range of cosmetics to earn along the Premium Battle Pass. Collect a weapon transmog for all 19 weapon types. Adorn your horse with 5 new grisly mount trophies. Gain 2 emotes per class to either honor the dead or slake your bloodlust, and claim 2 headstones to mark your grave...until you rise again.
“Vampire’s Repose” Emote – Accelerated Battle Pass
Look down on the enemy from the Vampire Lord’s throne, signaling that you’re more than equipped to meet their match. This emote is only included in the Accelerated Battle Pass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Season content? Do I need a Battle Pass to play?

Once the Season starts, log onto the game, create a new Seasonal character, and enjoy! If you have not completed the campaign yet, you will need to complete it on one character to gain access to seasonal content. The Free Battle Pass is automatically available to all Seasonal characters. Get the Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass to earn additional rewards.

What happens to my character/progression after the Season ends?

The character and progress on that character is transferred to the Eternal Realm. You can play this character whenever you want in the Eternal Realm. Specific Season-only features will no longer be accessible in the Eternal Realm. Learn more

How can I progress through the Battle Pass? What is Favor?

You progress through the Battle Pass by earning Favor. You earn Favor by just playing the game (ex. Killing monsters, completing Campaign and Side Quests, or completing objectives in your Season Journey). You can also progress through the Battle Pass by buying Tier Skips which each cost 200 Platinum.

What are Smoldering Ashes?

Smoldering Ashes is a currency used in the Battle Pass to earn specific bonuses known as “Season Blessings” for the current Season. Players earn Smoldering Ashes by progressing the Battle Pass. By collecting Smoldering Ashes you can apply bonuses to your Seasonal characters. These bonuses last for the Season and only apply to Seasonal characters.

What are Tier Skips?

Tier Skips are a currency that are applied immediately to obtain 1 full tier in the Battle Pass.

I pre-purchased the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition which came with a Battle Pass. How do I redeem it?

If you’ve pre-purchased a Battle Pass, the purchase button in the Seasons section will be replaced by an option to activate either your Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass.

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